From Jay & June Ann Young

Dear Mr. Lewis,


We are happy to say that we chose you to do our landscaping. We are proud of the finished product and thank you that it was achieved without any  hassles.  This satisfaction extends from the proposal right through to the completion of the job.


While your bid was slightly higher than that of a competitor, your written bid gave us more confidence because of the detailed layout and individual descriptions of the plants, lights, and irrigation system. We felt that we knew specifically what we would be receiving.


You promised that once you started the job that you would stay on it until it was complete. And you kept this promise.


As we watched you and your crew work each day, it was obvious that you like what you do and you performed the work as if it were your own yard.


Again, we are so proud of the outcome and to say that we owe it to Desert Concepts.




Jay & June Ann Young

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