From Steve Blair

I recently had the pleasure of retaining Desert Concepts and Joe Lewis to provide landscaping services for my new home. As my lot had been scrapped bare, this was indeed a “blank slate” that required a complete design and installation. Complicating Joe’s job was my desire to do some of the work myself, while still achieving a professional result.


After listening to my requirements and expectations and explaining the pros and cons of those requirements, Joe produced a design that, with minor modifications, was to be the final design. Joe also provided a detailed quote that allowed me to pick and choose those items that I would be responsible for and those items that Desert Concepts would provide.


All of this I expected. Where Joe went the extra mile was in his delivery of some “non-standard” landscaping (e.g. an eight ton boulder by my entryway), his patience in educating me about some “simple” topics (I never knew that a drip system could be so complicated!) and his willingness to address topics outside of the original scope of the job (after my first rainfall, I discovered some urgent drainage issues!).


Working with Desert Concepts was more akin to working with a very knowledgeable neighbor than with a typical contractor-Joe willingly loaned me tools, provided drip components at cost and gave me detailed “operating instructions” to ensure that my landscaping would thrive into the future.


While every project of this nature has some hiccups, and this was no exception, Joe Lewis, Desert Concepts and the installation crew were a pleasure to work with and their end-product speaks for itself. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality landscaping service.


Steve Blair

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