From Tom & Virginia Colbert

Dear Joe,


Little did we know, that 38 years ago when we moved to Mancos, Colorado in 1966, and saw you as a little tyke, that in 2004 you would be doing the landscaping for our retirement home back in Arizona. Growing up in that total rural environment taught you some good honest working values which have carried over into your success in your business.


You are honest, hardworking, punctual, and besides that you know how to treat your workers which means a lot. They are a hard working crew.


You have done a beautiful job with our yard. My roses and bougainvillea are thriving. Thomas needs practice on trimming the Palo verde. He is so afraid he is going to trim too much. We recommend you to everyone who asks and even those who don’t. Thank you so much, Joe.


Love & Prayers,

Tom & Virginia Colbert

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